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Services We Provide

Paranormal Ozarks Investigations, in accordance with its mission, offers several services to its clients and to other paranormal investigation teams. If you have questions about any of these services, please contact us.

Paranormal Investigations

POI will, at a client's request, investigate any unexplained phenomena or events that are occurring. These investigations involve members of our team interviewing witnesses, doing background research, and spending time on-site collecting data to try to debunk or verify the phenomena. Some situations may require several investigations to gather enough evidence. Generally, after investigating the phenomena, our team will review and analyze the data, summarize our findings, and present those findings to the client.

Background Research

Performing background research is a staple of our investigation process. At times, clients or other research teams may need background research performed on a case or regarding a certain situation. POI is always willing to help assist in these cases.

Peer-review of Evidence

Reviewing evidence is an arduous process and often the interesting data points that may be evidence are never clear-cut black and white. We offer our eyes and ears, so to speak, to other teams and to clients to assist them in the review of their evidence. We feel that when different teams and individuals peer-review evidence, everyone learns and benefits. We invite everyone to peer-review our evidence in our forum.


POI does not perform any type of paranormal removal service. However, should a client feel the need to have an exorcism, banishment, or other removal process performed, we will gladly help that client find a qualified provider of those services.

Education and Training

From time to time, we will take the opportunity to educate the public or other groups on our methods and our findings. Some of that education will be provided through various publications on our website, including our quarterly newsletter. However, some of that education may be done in more of a workshop or training type of atmosphere. We will notify everyone in advance of these opportunities.