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Our Mission

All organizations need a mission to help guide their operation. Our's has three areas of focus:


For people who live in an environment with unexplained phenomena happening around them, we may be able to help. We do not perform any type of "exorcism" or "banishings" but we may help ease your anxieties if we can determine that some or all of the phenomena you are experiencing are due to normal circumstances. Also, just talking to someone about your situation can help ease your mind. Especially someone who won't assume you're crazy!

As of July 2012, POI has handled over 50 private cases throughout Arkansas and Missouri.


The primary focus of our research is to examine unexplained phenomena using scientific methods. Paranormal phenomena are almost never experienced in a controlled environment, and there is still a lot of uncertainty about the root causes of these unexplained events. We are always looking for ways to improve our research methods and to collect new data that may lead us to answers. In some cases, some phenomena have perfectly normal causes. The steam pipe that rattles, the reflections of car lights on the ceiling, and the carbon monoxide that causes hallucinations are all examples of normal situations that can cause phenomena that seem to be paranormal. We approach all cases with an open mind, but we look to first rule out all normal explanations. Remember, if we remove all of the phenomena and data that is due to the normal, then what is left is possibly the proof of the paranormal!

We regularly are asked to analyze "mysterious" photographs from the public. Usually there is a normal explanation, but sometimes...


And finally, we want to educate the public and other researchers in our field on our findings and methods. We have learned so much from others in paranormal research and we hope to continue the trend of research organizations working together instead of competing.

POI gives lectures at conferences, events, for colleges, and for different summer educational programs. Some of our recent presentations include "Bigfoot in Arkansas" at the 2011 Paranormal Expo in Little Rock, a presentation on Ghost Hunting to Upward Bound students at Crowder College in Neosho, MO, and "Why Ghost Hunters Do it in the Dark" for summer students at several libraries in Washington County.