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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question: What kinds of opportunities are there for members of your organization?

Answer: On-site investigation opportunities include equipment setup, baseline data collection, and the actual data collection and investigation. Because these activities occur on-site during an investigation, they require that individuals performing the activities to be available late at night on weekends, usually Saturday nights.

However, not everyone is available during those times and would still like to contribute to the organization. A lot of folks, because of the television shows, focus only on the on-site investigation assignments, however there are a lot of other vital functions that the organization depends on that can be performed at other times.

We interview clients and witnesses to document their experiences. We often do background research on locations and events. The data collected during an investigation needs to be reviewed and analyzed. And someone has to organize and manage events and handle client relations!

We can always use help in keeping the website and the forum updated with the latest information, if you have technical computer skills. And, at some point, we may require fundraising and marketing expertise to further the organization.

If you are interested in applying for membership and you have a specific interest or expertise, please indicate that on your application form.

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