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Title: Welcome to the POI Forum!
Post by: Rick on Aug 30, 2010, 03:59PM
Welcome to the private discussion forum for Paranormal Ozarks Investigations (also known as POI), a scientific paranormal research team located in Northwest Arkansas.  POI travels to various locations to try to capture scientific evidence of paranormal activity.  We also work with individuals who believe they have paranormal activity in their homes.  In addition to "ghost hunting", we also actively research Bigfoot sightings and other Ozark legends.

This private forum is limited to the POI team, other paranormal research teams that we partner with from time to time, our clients, and friends of the team.  If you fit into one of those categories, please register on the forum and then send an email to our webmaster @ requesting access.

If you need assistance with paranormal activity, please email us directly at

We look forward to seeing you!


Rick Marshall
Paranormal Ozarks Investigations
Springdale, AR